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Roger HOPSON 1947 - 2015 - IN MEMORIAM

Roger HOPSON 1947 - 2015 - IN MEMORIAM
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Roger William HOPSON 1947 - 2015 - IN MEMORIAM

The service was conducted by Rev. Michael Gollop.

The Eulogy was delivered by Dawn Gregory:

The Eulogy to Roger:

Rog taught me many things about making speeches, the best one being - imagine everyone is naked! I am not going to do that today as there are so many of you the vision would be frightening!

My family and I have had an incredible journey with Roger - we grew to love him, despite sometimes wanting to throttle him!

Never have we met anyone like him, he taught us all so much - he was the most intelligent, kind, helpful and infuriating person we have ever known - which is why he fitted in so well with us!

He loved his life with us and loved the people who took him for who he was. He would have been amazed to know just how many people are here today to honour him.

Our personal journey began with being on the council together - he was the clerk and he encouraged me to become chairperson, having far more faith in me than I did myself! We produced a booklet together - 'The Tintern Survey' - which was very successful, and, from that, started a youth club that ran for several years.

Roger helped with the 'tuck shop' - not the best position for him as he was his own best customer!

The kids loved him, and we were always the target of their favourite game - chasing us around the hall with buckets of water to see who would win the 'wet tee-shirt' competition! How he chuckled when it was always him, as I could run faster!

When I won the 'Welsh Youth Champion' award one year - Roger was more proud of me than I was myself!

We opened a successful tea room which Rog ran with the help of his angels - Sophie One and Sophie Two - and again Roger was his own best customer - this time with the cakes!

Consequently we both joined Weight-Watchers and were very competitive and lost 7 and a half stone between us - then put it all back on the following year!

We moved to Chepstow and opened a new business there where he learned the antiques trade where he became known to many as 'Goldfinger' very aptly as he had a heart of gold, which, if I could have scrapped it, would have made a fortune!

Roger was everything to us, father, grandfather, mentor, confidant and manager - he was our soul mate.

Everywhere we went, he went with us - even on two Caribbean cruises, both memorable - one because he missed the plane home and made the HTV news, and one because, unbeknown to us, he was on the Disco dance floor till 2am. when we were sleeping! Who would have thought he was such a party animal?

We were a duo in the shop - think Arkwright and Granville - he called me Madam and I calling him many things I can't say here!

Roger helped Ian with his accounts (thank God), Alex to drive (probably causing his own hair loss)m and to Jackie's baby (due in October) he would have been a real life teddy bear!

We, as a family have an endless supply of memories of Roger which will help us deal with losing him, in the coming years, and there is one thing we know for sure - he will always be with us in spirit, so, to our dearest, loveliest, frustrating Rogie - may you walk with angels until we meet again - Goodnight and God bless.

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Stuart ARCHER Died On 17-Dec-2014 - IN MEMORIAM

Stuart ARCHER Died On 17-Dec-2014 - IN MEMORIAM
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ARCHER, Stuart Malcolm 

was Born 14-Oct-1948
& who Died On 17-Dec-2014 aged 66

ARCHER Stuart Died 17-Dec-2014
Stuart died On 17 December, after a long and very bravely fought fight against bowel cancer, at his home in Newport.Stuart was aged 66 years.

He leaves his wife and partner through his illness Trish and was dearly loved by Suzanne and Tom.
He will be missed not only by his family but by many friends and the town of Chepstow, where he had worked with Sandra and the staff at Archer & Co and had gained the respect of many for his courteous behaviour and dedicated service to his clients and also of those who knew of his illness and his resolute determination to survive with humour as long as possible, making the most of every moment he could.

I was privileged to have had several very private conversations with Stuart during his illness & treatment where, even when he knew the outcome was inevitable, he courageously sought out opportunities to be used in new trials that would not just prolonge his own life but would provide information to help others following down the path!My thoughts are with his family and those he had worked with for so many years who will miss him greatly, at this challenging time.

A Celebration for the life of Stuart Malcolm Archer, in accord with his wishes, will be held at St. Pierre Golf and Country Club on Thursday 8th January at 13:00hrs.

The service of commemoration at St. Pierre was held after a private family ceremony at the Crematorium and was conducted by a Civil Celebrant Gill Fortescue with an extensive, and very appropriate, Eulogy given by David Evans.

No flowers by request, donations for St. David’s Hospice Care may be sent to:
Philip Blatchly & Son,
5 Station Road,
NP16 5PA.
TEL: 01291 624939
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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Chepstow Wind Turbine Factory in Layoffs & Failure

Chepstow Wind Turbine Factory in Layoffs & Failure

Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins – Greg_L-W.

predictably the dishonest wind  turbine factory founded on Government grants and false hopes is facing the truth it seems – resulting in layoffs and failure.
Sad though it is for those who were duped into these clearly unsound jobs it is good to see reality being forced upon the idiotic Wind Farm scams, as the truth becomes known, in that Wind Turbines have no meaningful use on a large scale and are grossly inefficient producers of power and an unsightly blot on any landscape.
That subsidies are required to cover the pretence of their efficacy is unsurprising and it does seem that Governments have promoted this gross abuse of tax payers money as a means to levy further taxes for revenue to hide the fact that they have failed in their duty to ensure security of power supply by planning and providing nuclear, oil, gas, coal and viable generation of electricity!

Jobs to go at Chepstow wind turbine factory

TURBINE PLANT: Wind turbine maker Mabey Bridge in Chepstow is to shed 45 jobsTURBINE PLANT: Wind turbine maker Mabey Bridge in Chepstow is to shed 45 jobs
ENGINEERING firm Mabey Bridge is to shed up to 45 jobs in the second round of redundancies this year at its wind turbine factory in Chepstow.
The company, which at the turn of the year employed 190 staff at its Newhouse Farm site, cut staff in February, but has been forced into more job losses.
“We regret having to make this difficult decision. As a family business we are actively seeking ways to redeploy, retrain and move work between our businesses to minimise any job losses during this period,” said a spokesman.
The company, part of the Mabey Group, bought the Newhouse site three and a half years ago, developing it as a manufacturing base for wind turbine towers, through a £38 million investment.
“The UK renewables market has become increasingly competitive, with product now supplied from mainland Europe and even further afield,” said the spokesman.
“Our customers have also been affected by a drop in the level of government support for onshore wind.
“Earlier this year we did take steps to improve our shift working patterns and operational flexibility at Newhouse, with every effort made to minimise impact on the workforce.
“After consulting staff, 13 jobs were unfortunately affected. Although these changes boosted output, further improvements are still required to keep us competitive.
It is anticipated that these further steps could potentially affect 25 to 45 jobs.
“The business remains committed to the renewables and energy sector and we continue to win new orders for wind turbine towers.
But like many other UK companies we must take steps to ensure we can compete effectively in the marketplace.”
The company has stressed that its other factories, another in Chepstow, and in Lydney, are not affected by this decision.
To view the original article CLICK HERE
Perhaps the facts, and the scam behind the wind turbine propaganda and the false science of global warming as a fact, which it would seem there is no sound scientific evidence to support, and that it is an anthropogenic problem merely highlights the dishonesty or to give the benefit of the doubt, stupidity of the green propaganda and shoddy misrepresentations by the likes of Al Gore and Pashrami and the cohorts of hangers on exploiting the scam!
Perhaps this will go some way to helping answer the questions of Paul Hurley,  also in the paper:

Turbine plants sums awry

 IT WAS with much regret, when reading your article on June 12, I learned of more skilled engineering job losses at Mabey Bridges Wind Turbine Fabrication yard.
This, coupled with the recent demise of local firm Rowecord, will make it even more difficult for the likes of welders, platers and fabricators to find employment in the locality.
And yet, on the same date in a daily newspaper business section, a chief of RenewableUK stated that thousands of quality jobs may be at risk unless Britain builds more factories to make offshore wind turbines.
Maria McCaffery, RenewableUK’s chief, said it was a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build large scale, offshore windfarm supply factories, and said that by 2030 the UK would need 39 such fabrication yards to enable the UK to attain its future Green Energy commitments.
Something here does not add up to me.
Paul Hurley, Byron Road, Newport

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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Roger COLTHART Died 17-Apr-2013 – IN MEMORIAM


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sad to announce that late last night my friend of some 30 years standing Roger Colthart died after a resolute and resourceful fight, against metastatic cancer, over several years.
His final period was thankfully without pain and he was fortunate enough to fulfill his wish, to die at home, where his wife Anne had been looking after him supported by their children and the medical and care team managed by St. David’s Nurse (MacMillan Nursing equivalent in Monmouthshire).
Roger’s wife, children, elderly mother, and one of his brothers plus other family members were present at the time of his death, also his local vicar, doctor and St. David’s Nurse as he past peacefully out of life and beyond further danger of pain and indignity.
Roger’s funeral is being carried out by his family friend Phillip Blatchley and Roger drew up the full details of his order of service some time before his death when he first considered his condition to be terminal.
Roger’s funeral will take place at St. Arvans church at 12:00hrs. on Thursday 25-Apr-2013 and those attending are invited to join with his familyt and friends at The Piercefield, where light refreshments will be served and the management have kindly invited those attending the church service to park and leave their cars.
Lee & I will be attending.
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I Have Been Fighting Cancer since 1997 & I’M STILL HERE!
I Have Cancer, Cancer Does NOT Have Me
I just want to say sorry for copping out at times and leaving Lee and friends to cope!
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I do make a lousy patient!
If YOU want to follow my fight against Cancer from when it started and I first presented with symptoms in 1998 see The TAB at the Header of this Blog. called >DIARY of Cancer ….< just click and it will give you a long list of the main events in chronological order, many linked to specific blog postings.
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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Woman fights for life after Chepstow bridge fall

Woman fights for life after Chepstow bridge fall

A 30-YEAR-OLD woman was left with life-threatening injuries after falling around 40 feet from a bridge in Chepstow in the early hours of Tuesday. 

Emergency services were called at 2.27am to the Wye river bridge, on the A48 towards the English border. 

Firemen from the town’s fire station were sent equipped for a water rescue, a South Wales Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman said, but when they arrived the woman was on wasteland, so paramedics from a rapid reponse vehicle and an ambulance took over. 

Officers from Gwent Police also attended the bridge, following reports the woman had jumped off it, according to a spokeswoman. 

Resident Roisin Collins said she was awoken in the early hours by a “loud scream” and sirens from the emergency services, but did not know at the time what was going on. 

The woman was taken to the Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport, with serious injuries where she remains in a stable condition. 

The Welsh Ambulance Service were unable to detail the extent of the woman’s injuries. 

The police confirmed there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding the incident.

It is believed that the young lady, who lived in Bridge Street has 3 small children, is of Polish origin and that her life is in the balance with broken legs, a broken arm and suspected fractures of pelvis and spine.

If suicide was her intention with the injuries she has suffered we hope her progress is pain free and with minimum suffering for her and those she has inflictedf this action on.
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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

#GLW003* - The SEVERN PRINCESS - How Sad

#GLW003* - The SEVERN PRINCESS - How Sad

The England end of Aust Ferry in 1964, looking...Image via Wikipedia
The Severn Princess still plying her trade at The Aust slipway
on The Bristol side
whilst The Chepstow Severn Bridge was being built in 1965
- before the carriageway was hung.
A very sad old severn princess

The Severn Princess.

Lying forlornly on the mud banks at Chepstow is a little piece of British history. 
The Severn Princess was a car ferry built especially for use on the River Severn and plied her trade from Beachley on the Welsh side to Aust on the English side of the river.……

She was one of a fleet of three owned and operated by Enoch Williams and family from Chepstow who for many years had the royal charter to operate the ferry from The Beachley slip way at near The Ferry Inn, which is still in quite good order as a slipway…….
which of the ferries is beached alongside is indistinguishable
Many of those who worked for Enoch and his family are still remembered in the area let us remember for a moment a few of them: 
Ron Blight who married Sheila James sister of Bill & Hugh of Lydney and Chepstow Builders Merchants - Their two sons are still very much local!

Percy Palmer whose house was in St. Anne's Street and his wife Annie was on The Council for many years and becam the first Mayor of Monmouthshire when the position was created.

Ben Brown who retired when the ferries closed in 1966 with the opening of the Severn Bridge and he and Pat ran The Five Alls for many years.

The Ferry as many of us remember it first plied its trade on The New Passage with The Silver Queen, in July 1926 with the Olney brothers for crew and Bob Treherne and in the same month they carried their first car a Williams' Gwynne 8 built in Chismick between 1922-25. The cars at that time were hoist aboard.

Subsequent vessels included The Princess Ida named for Ida Williams, Enoch Williams' wife rather than Guilbert & Sullivan's comic opera based on Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem The Princess! - she went into service on 31st. July 1931 and the first car loaded was Enoch William's Singer together with the vessel's builders Hurd and Henderson of Chepstow.

The Severn King was launched in June 1935 whilst The Severn Princess was launched at Yorkshire Dry Dock Co. Ltd. 23-May-1956.

Others who worked the ferry included Bill (Skipper) Groves and before him Geof. Groves who lived in the house right by the bridge in Chepstow opposite the Bridge Inn.
Also in the fleet , when the service ended in 1966, were the Severn King and the Severn Queen and the Princess was the last addition to the once proud family and was delivered in 1960. There were some subtle differences between the three vessels but their basic construction and design was the same……..
A shallow draft was necessary to enable the ferries to work in the ebb and flow of the Severn where to maintain a reasonable service the boats needed to be able to work in the sparse water available at either ends of the famous Severn tides (it’s the 2nd highest rise / fall of any river in the world so I am told)…………

There was a ramp either side of the boat that would be lowered to enable the cars and vans to get on and off and also to facilitate easier manoeuvring of the vehicles each vessel had a turn table in the middle of the deck……..

Power was supplied by diesel engines fitted below the cabin / bridge that was situated to the rear of each vessel….There was no passenger accommodation for the drivers of the cars, they either stayed sat in the cars or just stood on the deck whatever the weather happened to be doing!......

The ferry service was for many years the only ‘quick’ link if you were travelling from Wales to London or vice versa of course! In those days it must have knocked hours off the journey……..

Many famous folk used the ferry over the years including The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh in 1957 and subsequently Bob Dylan. Whilst on his 1965 (I think?...) tour of the UK a very famous photo of Bob looking very pissed off and huddled up in his coat was taken whilst he stood on the slipway at Beachley waiting for the ferry to pick him up……….

The end for the ferry company came when the first Severn Road Bridge was opened in 1966 and the company was apparently paid compensation by the government for the loss of their livelihood…
The three remaining boats passed through Bristol Docks, where there is a rather forlorne photo of them tied up alongside The Bristol dredger and HMS Ventura.

The Severn King ended her days as a demolition boat and due to an accident, where she was badly holed,  whilst taking down the old Severn Railway Bridge was subsequently scrapped….

The Queen languished for many years in Bristol Harbour before she too was cut up and The Princess was sold to work in Ireland…..

After many years hard graft over there she was due to be scrapped but was bought for the sum of £1.05 (!!) and returned to the UK for restoration …
Unfortunately due to many unforeseen problems since her ‘rescue’ in 1999 the task now seems unachievable and she has deteriorated into a really terrible state ……it looks as if the cutters lamp is now inevitable which will be a very sad end to a lovely little ship with an intriguing history………
Unfortunately the entire enterprise to recover the Severn Princess from Ireland did all look rather unprofessional and all too like profligacy on the part of the local councils - very little control over quite a substantial amount of money was seemingly spent on many planning meetings and celebrations of ........ at The Boat Inn.
There is a wealth of additional information in Colin Jordan's book 'Severn Enterprise' published in 1977, of which good copies can still sometimes be obtained in the region of £50!

down into the engine room

no engines though….

deck winch..

and before she was finally lifted out of the water......
and finally…..Glory days……

Chepstow Shipyard was active until well into the 1960s but was at its peak as The National Shipyard during and just after World War One with the building & launch of a series of 10,000 tonners such as The War Glory, which was presumed lost at sea carrying a cargo of grain in The Pacific in 1956.
The site now lies in some dereliction awaiting developement as the last owners Fairfiel Mabey rebadge themselves in Grant Funded premises exploiting the unsound and largely dishonest concept of Wind Turbines and the specious con of Carbon Trading. None of which seem endorsed by sound science or peer reviewed independent material - Thus largely it would seem a FASHIONABLE TAX to extort money from beleaguered tax payers.

They now have the most resplendent of premises on a vaste scale at New House Roundabout:

The original of the article which inspired this article was posted at CLICK HERE
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Monday, 28 December 2009



Dick Francis’ sons mark 60th anniversary of Welsh race win

Dec 27 2009 by Clare Hutchinson, Wales On Sunday

DICK Francis still remembers how he surged ahead at the 13th fence on his horse, Fighting Line, to win the first Welsh Grand National to be held at Chepstow.
Dick Francis on his mount Fighting Line
on which he won the first Welsh Grand National
Held at Chepstow, as Wales has no 
Race Course of stature.
Thus it makes use of the Monmouthshire Course!

Sixty years to the day, his sons will be turf-side tomorrow to mark the anniversary of the horseman-turned-author’s famous victory.

After winning the Welsh National, Lawrenny-born Francis went on to become champion jockey in 1953-54 before he turned his hand to thriller writing, producing 41 novels and topping the bestseller lists.

The 89 year old, who has suffered from three years of ill-health with major heart surgery and a leg amputation, now lives in the Cayman Islands.

His son Felix now co-authors his father’s best-selling equestrian thrillers, the latest of which he is still working on.

And tomorrow he will be at the biggest race of the Welsh calendar with his brother, Merrick, who runs the UK’s largest racehorse transfer business.

“I wasn’t born until four years after my father won that race, but I think it was quite a big deal for him,” said Felix.

“He won it again in 1956 on Crudwell and I remember that very well because all my life on his mantelpiece was a clock given to him by the horse’s owner, a Mrs Cooper, with one of the horse shoes that he wore in the race on the front of it.”

For Dick Francis, horse racing was the family business. His father Vincent, who was an amateur jockey, took part in the Welsh National when it was held in Cardiff and his grandfather was also an amateur jockey.

“Obviously it is his life,” said Felix, speaking from Surrey where he was spending Christmas with his family.

“When he was young he was a bit of a child prodigy of a horseman. His dad was a horse dealer – a bit like a car dealer now – and my father would travel around the country taking part in horse shows and posting his trophies home as he went.

“He was 18 and looking into becoming a jockey when war broke out, and when he was 19 he joined the RAF and was posted to north Africa.”

After racking up an impressive collection of war medals flying Spitfires and Lancaster Bombers, Francis left the RAF when the war ended to go back to his original dream of riding race winners.

Three years later, he won the Welsh National on Fighting Life.

The “big race” said Felix, was in 1956, when Francis rode the Queen Mother’s horse, Devon Loch, in the Grand National. His fame spread worldwide when the horse tripped just yards from the finish line, sending Francis sprawling and losing him that year’s title.

“That race dominated his whole life after that,” said Felix. “It took my father’s name from the back pages to the front pages and when he retired from racing the following year everyone was asking him what he was going to do.”

Francis took up an offer to write a racing column for a London newspaper before branching out into his distinctive equestrian thrillers, producing a novel a year for the next 38 years.

When his wife Mary died aged 76 in 2000, Francis stopped writing, but returned to it in 2006 with the first of the books he has co-written with his son.

“My brother and I grew up riding ponies and he would shout out of the window at us to get our heels down and our elbows in, but to be honest I’m of the mind that both ends are dangerous and the middle’s uncomfortable,” said Felix.

“Despite that I do love viewing horses from a distance and hopefully I can join my brother in Chepstow.

“My father often talks about his racing days and of course that life features strongly in his books.”

To view the original article CLICK HERE

As an interesting aside I understand that in their early days as visitors to Chepstow both Dick Francis & Sir Gordon Richards were both in the habit of taking rooms in what is now my home but just before and shortly after WWII what was Glance Back Books and my home was in part a bed and breakfast venue for the races.

cnr. Middle & Upper Church Streets,
NP16 5ET

Initially stable lads and junior jockeys would stay here rather than the more resplendent Beaufort Hotel or The George Hotel or even The St. Mary's Hotel subsequently an ice cream parlour owned by The Giles Family in the days when the back yard was the Chepstow Boxing Club a facility which Marion Izzard ended when she and her husband owned it as a green grocer and when he repaired to Ireland she continued to run the business as a Green Grocers until Michael had finished his education when she sub let it initially to continue the trade but more recently as 'rooming' above and a trendy hairdressers in the shop area.

I gather many of the young apprentices continued to stay in our rooms long after they had made names for themselves commensurate with upgrading ;-)

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The ugly, centralised, undemocratic supra national policies being imposed by the centralised and largely unelected decisionmakers of The EU for alien aims, ailien values and to suit alien needs stand every possibility of creating 200,000,000 deaths across EUrope as a result of the blind arrogance and hubris of the idiologues in the central dictatorship, and their economic illiteracy marching hand in glove with the idiocy of The CAP & The CFP - both policies which deliver bills, destroy lives and denude food stocks.

The EU, due to the political idiocy and corruption of its undemocratic leaders, is now a net importer of food, no longer able to feed itself and with a decreasing range of over priced goods of little use to the rest of the world to sell with which to counter the net financial drain of endless imports.

British Politicians with pens and treachery, in pursuit
of their own agenda and greed, have done more
damage to the liberty, freedoms, rights and democracy
of the British peoples than any army in over 1,000 years.

The disastrous effects of British politicians selling Britain
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