Saturday, 16 May 2015

Roger HOPSON 1947 - 2015 - IN MEMORIAM

Roger HOPSON 1947 - 2015 - IN MEMORIAM
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Roger William HOPSON 1947 - 2015 - IN MEMORIAM

The service was conducted by Rev. Michael Gollop.

The Eulogy was delivered by Dawn Gregory:

The Eulogy to Roger:

Rog taught me many things about making speeches, the best one being - imagine everyone is naked! I am not going to do that today as there are so many of you the vision would be frightening!

My family and I have had an incredible journey with Roger - we grew to love him, despite sometimes wanting to throttle him!

Never have we met anyone like him, he taught us all so much - he was the most intelligent, kind, helpful and infuriating person we have ever known - which is why he fitted in so well with us!

He loved his life with us and loved the people who took him for who he was. He would have been amazed to know just how many people are here today to honour him.

Our personal journey began with being on the council together - he was the clerk and he encouraged me to become chairperson, having far more faith in me than I did myself! We produced a booklet together - 'The Tintern Survey' - which was very successful, and, from that, started a youth club that ran for several years.

Roger helped with the 'tuck shop' - not the best position for him as he was his own best customer!

The kids loved him, and we were always the target of their favourite game - chasing us around the hall with buckets of water to see who would win the 'wet tee-shirt' competition! How he chuckled when it was always him, as I could run faster!

When I won the 'Welsh Youth Champion' award one year - Roger was more proud of me than I was myself!

We opened a successful tea room which Rog ran with the help of his angels - Sophie One and Sophie Two - and again Roger was his own best customer - this time with the cakes!

Consequently we both joined Weight-Watchers and were very competitive and lost 7 and a half stone between us - then put it all back on the following year!

We moved to Chepstow and opened a new business there where he learned the antiques trade where he became known to many as 'Goldfinger' very aptly as he had a heart of gold, which, if I could have scrapped it, would have made a fortune!

Roger was everything to us, father, grandfather, mentor, confidant and manager - he was our soul mate.

Everywhere we went, he went with us - even on two Caribbean cruises, both memorable - one because he missed the plane home and made the HTV news, and one because, unbeknown to us, he was on the Disco dance floor till 2am. when we were sleeping! Who would have thought he was such a party animal?

We were a duo in the shop - think Arkwright and Granville - he called me Madam and I calling him many things I can't say here!

Roger helped Ian with his accounts (thank God), Alex to drive (probably causing his own hair loss)m and to Jackie's baby (due in October) he would have been a real life teddy bear!

We, as a family have an endless supply of memories of Roger which will help us deal with losing him, in the coming years, and there is one thing we know for sure - he will always be with us in spirit, so, to our dearest, loveliest, frustrating Rogie - may you walk with angels until we meet again - Goodnight and God bless.

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